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The ACF archive website is where you will find content and resources of historical or research interest. The archive includes information on budgets, programs, initiatives, policies and other historic documents. ACF archive content is NOT current information, is not being updated, and may contain broken links. The above Search does NOT search the current, updated ACF website. To find recent content, visit the ACF Website.

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Program Announcements

TANF Program Announcements Indexed by Year [ 2009 - 2005 - 2004 - 2000 - Archive ]


TANF-ACF-PA-2009-01    April 3, 2009
The Emergency Fund for TANF Programs

No issuances 2006-2008


TANF-ACF-PA-2005-01 November 15, 2005
Eligibility of Native Americans born in Canada or Mexico for Federal TANF and State Maintenance-of-Effort (MOE) Benefits



TANF-ACF-PA-2004-01 December 1, 2004
Use of Third Party or In-Kind Contributions as MOE


No issuances 2001-2003



TANF-ACF-PA-00-1 February 10, 2000
Status of the Handbook of Public Assistance Administration

TANF-ACF-PA-00-2 May 26, 2000
Updated Guidance on the Use of TANF, WtW and Job Access Funds for Transportation Services

TANF-ACF-PA-00-3 June 13, 2000
Status of The Handbook of Public Assistance Administration

TANF-ACF-PA-00-4 November 27, 2000
Guidance concerning State MOE Funds paid to a Tribe with an Approved Tribal Family Assistance Plan


Program Announcements Archive

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