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Child Maltreatment 1998

Reports From the States to the
National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System

Administration for Children and Families
Administration on Children, Youth and Families
Children's Bureau

Table of Contents

Inside Cover


Highlights of Findings

1. Introduction

1.1 Development of the NCANDS
1.2 The NCANDS Components
1.3 Overview of the Report

2. Preventive Services

2.1 Children Receiving Preventive Services
2.2 Types of Preventive Services and Funding Sources

3. Referrals and Reports

3.1 Screening of Referrals
3.2 Report Sources
3.3 Report-to-Investigation Response Time
3.4 Investigated Reports

4. Child Maltreatment Victims

4.1 Victimization Rates
4.2 Types of Maltreatment
4.3 Ages and Sex of Victims
4.4 Types of Maltreatment, by Age and Sex
4.5 Race and Hispanic Ethnicity of Victims

5. Services Provided for Child Maltreatment Victims

5.1 Service Receipt and Types of Service
5.2 Factors Influencing Receipt of Services

6. Perpetrators

6.1 Characteristics of Perpetrators
6.2 Relationships of Perpetrators to Child Victims

7. Child Maltreatment Fatalities

7.1 Number of Child Fatalities
7.2 Characteristics of Child Maltreatment Fatality Victims
7.3 Characteristics of Perpetrators of Maltreatment Fatalities
7.4 Prior Contact with CPS

8. Current Research Activities

Appendix A. State Advisory Group Representatives 1998-1999

Appendix B. Summary Data Component Data Collection Form

Appendix C. Data Items Required by Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Amendments of 1996

Appendix D. Summary of State Responses

Appendix E. 1998 State Data Tables

Appendix F. State Comments on 1998 SDC Data

Appendix G. Supplementary Data Tables